Positivity Rocks!

Positivity Rocks! 
jammerzzz were created with a passion, for a purpose: to save the world by eliminating textile waste, to join people together with the love of music, and to spread positivity. 
I'd always wanted to join forces with as many people as possible to spread positivity and celebrate other people winning, but how?  How can you make others, not just people you know smile, but grow that powerfully positive force as far and wide as possible? 
You see, I didn't know.  It seems easy enough- start with yourself...smile, be kind, be positive, hold the door, offer to assist a stranger... but sometimes the world seems to tear you down.  People hear your idea and everyone plays the devil's advocate.  "You could...but what if you fall..?"  
One of my favorite responses to that question is, "O Darling, but what if you fly?"
After years of wanting to change the world, helping to eliminate textile waste was the answer for jammerzzz, but what came next I could only have dreamed of.  I began shipping out jammerzzz with handwritten notes on random colored computer paper and even more meaning arrived.  jammerzzz could save the world in our sleep by being safe for the environment and by making sure that each and every person that receives a pair knows exactly how amazing and special they are.  YOU are important.  YOU are needed.  YOU Rock! 
Orders started coming in from friends, family members, and then here and there strangers....people I didn't know started to see and love the brand.  Photos started to be shared so I could share darling children, smiling children, loved children in the brand.  They're safe for sensitive skin...the benefits continued.  Then, I began looking up hashtags online and more meaning came.  Mothers and Fathers that are just incredible humans, humans I've never met, that I wanted to have jammerzzz.  I started sending messages out- "Hi, I wanted to know if it would be ok to send you a pair of pajamas that rock.  You choose the size and color, and I'll send them your way."  Then, I was able to have a delivery system for positivity- pajamas!  
I began finding amazing people- parents of special needs children, single parents, hard working parents, parents that needed a smile, and parents that seemingly needed nothing, people from the past, new friends... and I sent them out so they could know they have been seen and they rock. 
Noise is exactly that- noise.  Don't ever forget that when there's that one in the crowd that has the negative opinion, there are 10 behind them that love it and you. 
Darling, you will fly no matter how many falls you endure.  Just keep climbing right back up and finding the passion to carry on.
Positivity Matters and we're just getting started.  Thank you for being a part of our journey.  YOU Rock! 
<3 <3 <3

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