The Classic Fowler's Namesake - DeeDad and Meems

The Classic Fowler Namesake- DeeDad and Meems
(photo: DeeDad, Meems, and their girls)
When it came time to launch jammerzzz, the classic styles were easy to name.  Kennedy is our oldest daughter thus the name of our long sleeve pant set, London is our youngest daughter and the namesake of our short sleeve short set.  We have 2 children...easy peasy.   
The zipper onesie- The Classic Fowler on the boy's side is named after The Finance Extraordinaire, the Godliest of all Men, Supporter of all that is Family, The Strongest Man in the History of History.  The girl's side is named after The Most Definitive in Faith, Strongest of Emotions, Supporter of all that is Family, The Kindest of all Kind Hearts.  They are named after DeeDad and Meems.
DeeDad and Meem's are rocks.  You know, the kind of people that aren't shaken easily.  The people you go to for advice and come out of the conversation carrying the most definitive advice you could get.  They know how the world works, they've been through life, and they've come out stronger.  They are God loving, family supporting, friends to many, who believe in the power of kindness and giving back to the World. 
DeeDad passed away this year, but his spirit is forever going to live on.  It's so strong that I can knock out this blog in record time.  In tears, but those tears are my acknowledgement of how much I love these people.  They're good tears.
When your child or another child, or baby, wears the Classic Fowler, they're not just saving the world in their sleep by wearing organic cotton that was safely made from the Earth that can go back into it, they're wearing something named after Legends.  The kind of people you stay up at night praying your children become.  The Fowler's.
Love you forever DeeDad and Meems! 
Morgan Ariel


  • What a beautiful testament to your DeeDad and Meems :) and yes, I needed tissues…

    natalie robertson
  • I LOVE this! I love both of your grandparents very much. Having known them my entire life, they are everything you said and more! You have such an incredible, strong and loving family. I just know it’s because of those rocks you are praising. I know your Deedad is looking down with such pride at all you are doing and will continue to do with this brand. You know Katherine and I are huge fans of the Jammerz and can’t wait to get her some more! And if you ever make some adult sizes, I’m buying some for myself! Thank you for sharing this story and all the love behind it.

    Tiffany C.

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