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the jammerzzz story
jammerzzz were created to save the world.  A bold statement, but a strong one that children often have as they explore limitless dreams and goals.  Morgan never gave up her dream to save the world and after living some life and having a family of her own, jammerzzz was the perfect way to achieve the dream (pun intended...zzz).
The Harrison's live a music filled life and believe in the power of words and music to heal, create memories, and bring positivity and happiness to people's every day lives.  Morgan works in radio, her husband, Cole, has been playing music since he was 13 and plays in a local band to date, and their daughters: Kennedy and London, have music inspired names.  Kennedy's name came from the MTV VJ from the 90's and London Raine gained her middle name from the lead singer of Our Lady Peace, Raine Maida.  Naturally, their pets also have music inspired names from the likes of Rod Stewart, Eric Clapton, the Nixons, and more.
Saving the world is a big step and the world has become increasingly fast and busy.  jammerzzz is a way to save the world doing something we all do, that makes us slow down, for 1/3rd of our lives: it saves the world in our sleep and it's slow...slow to manufacture- organic cotton just doesn't grow that fast.
Natural, organic growth cotton + no pesticides/insecticides/flame retardant sprays and rollable cuffs so the pajama sets last children 1-2 years longer than their current size.  Quality manufacturing means that jammerzzz will last longer, can be passed down, and when their life is complete, they can safely be thrown out and go right back into the Earth. 
It's a small step to eliminate fashion waste (a leader in worldwide waste) and pollutants while being some of the coziest jammerzzz you'll ever wear. 
We promise to keep dreaming and want you to also. 
Morgan and team Harrison