why so slow on the cotton grow?

organic. sustainable. slow fashion. limited supply. organic cotton. cotton.

peace out jammerzzz...until next time.

the skinny on jammerzzz is that to be sustainable, we must keep our promise to use 100% organic cotton.

our cotton is free of pesticides, insecticides, and it grows as cotton naturally grows.  no added "hurry it up" stuff included.

where is this awesome cotton?  while jammerzzz are a united states brand- dreamt up in the great state of texas by a momma with the creative help of her precious daughters, kennedy and london, they were sourced right out of the most wonderfully magic land for organic cotton- india.

our friends in india worked endlessly with us by using GOTS (global organic textile standard) cotton- the world leader in organic textile processing standard.  they are absolutely amazing and worked through monsoons in the beginning to safety standards across the globe before shipping us jammerzzz as slow as possible in the most eco-friendly way we could make it happen.

the short of this long story- we don't rush our friends.  life is good when life is slowed down.  they'll be back in stock when the cotton grows.